Y1BL Advent Calendar05-12-2018 | 19:45:52 | No Comments

Here is our Y1BL Advent calendar. Can you remember what day in December you are?

Y1B Advent Calendar05-12-2018 | 19:40:52 | No Comments

Y1B made their interactive Advent calendar today. Which number are you behind?

Y2 Advent Wreath28-11-2018 | 14:26:44 | No Comments

Y2T & Y2M used the ThingLink app to make an interactive presentation about the meaning of Advent. They have included video clips, written prayers, written explanations and even a song!

They would like to share it with you here. Please click on the icons that are on the image below to watch the clips and to read their prayers and comments. To make the image full screen size- just hover your mouse over the picture until you see the full screen icon. You can also make the videos full screen size by clicking on the icon once the video starts to play

Thank you to Y2 for sharing your knowledge of Advent with the school and parents.

Mrs Watson

Y2M Explain Division17-10-2018 | 09:13:28 | No Comments

Y2M have been using the iPad app Show It, Draw It… to model what happens when we divide.
Well done to Y2M pupils.

Y2T Explain A Maths Word Problem10-10-2018 | 18:13:42 | No Comments

Some pupils from Y2T used the iPad App Explain Everything to model how they solved this two part word problem.
Well done!

Please remember our e-safety rules. Never click on to watch other videos on You Tube without first asking a parent or other adult.
Mrs Watson

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